Fiction: Forbidden Desire by Heather Kinnane


“Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.” The young woman behind the screen had a sweet voice, familiar somehow.

“And how have you sinned, my child?” The Bishop was young for his post, newly appointed to such a high rank, and was proud of his position.

“I have these dreams…”

“Go on.”

“It’s so hard, Father. I fear opening my mouth…”

“There is no one to hear you, except myself and the Lord. Your words are safe with me,” he assured her, ever more certain he had heard her voice before, and just as certain the woman was not a regular member of his congregation.

He heard her take a deep inward breath.

“Okay. My dreams… they… they involve a man of God, Father. Such as yourself.”

He waited in silence for her to continue, aware that confessors opened up more when given their own time to speak.

“In the dream, I have come to the church for confession, as I am now. And I tell him my sins; about the guilt I have at sharing so many men, at pretending to love one man for a time, and then pretending to love someone else. I tell him my fears that this is the reason I can never find a serious relationship.”

Her voice! If only he could place it – he was so caught up in listening to the sound of it he had hardly heard her words. “Sharing men?”

“Yes Father, it’s my job, I’m an actress.”

The Bishop heard no more of that sentence as the images clicked into place. Cassandra. He could not remember her surname just now, but the image of a tall sexy actress wearing scarce enough to cover her privates crossed his mind. Not that he’d ever watched anything she’d starred in, but the commercials were enough that his cock gave a twitch at the thought of her.

“At the end of the confession, I leave the booth to find the church empty, and as I turn he leaves the booth too. I see I have turned him on with my confession. He has such a large erection! And then we, and then we….”

The Bishop swallowed. He heard many admissions related to sexual acts, but so few had the sultry voice she had. He suddenly became aware he was stroking himself and pulled his hand away.

Alina-Puscau-Topless-in-Randal-Slavin-Photoshoot-01She let out a slight sob. “We have sex, up against the pulpit. He’s so gentle, he kisses me with such passion. Our clothes are suddenly gone – you know how it is with dreams—and he strokes my body with such soft hands, tweaking my nipples in his fingers as he nibbles my ear and neck. I please him first, and I can see how desperately he needs my mouth around his cock as I suck and kiss and lick. And then! Oh Father, I have never experienced oral as perfect as it is in my dream. He returns the favour, licking and teasing my cunt and clit until I can’t take anymore and I gush, all over him! But he loves it, and he sits up and takes his cock in his hand, Father I swear I have never seen one bigger in real life, and he plunges it into me – I’ve never felt so full in my life – and we begin to move together, thrusting and grinding and moaning. Oh Father, it is the best sex ever.”

Her voice had been getting higher and higher as she spoke, louder and louder, and now she ended with a sigh and the Bishop wondered if she was performing other acts on herself as she spoke. The image did nothing to help his now throbbing erection.

“Well, my child.” He cleared his throat, removing his hand yet again from his crotch as he did so. “I’m sure the Lord will forgive you for your dreams. He understands that we humans are weak to physical temptation.”

“But Father, I haven’t told you all of it.”

“What is it, child?”

“The man of God, it was you. I passed by on the street a few weeks ago and saw you at the end of the Service, and I haven’t been able to get you out of my head since. I didn’t really come for forgiveness, Father. I don’t believe there is any sin attached to enjoying our bodies. I just wanted to know if you would help me fulfil my fantasy? I know you have made promises to your god, but I’m sure he’ll forgive you, seeing as he understands our weakness for physical pleasure…”

His body responded  instantly to her request, but his mind was a whirl. “I… I… I don’t know… It’s not appropriate… I can’t…” Can I?

The End


Bio: Heather Kinnane is an Australian Author who writes in a wide variety of genres: fantasy, romance and erotica to name a few. Her latest novella ‘Erotic Writer Seeks Men’, is due for release in August through Luminosity Publishing. To find out more visit her website:

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