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  1. New Flash Fiction: Straight Answer | Anna Bayes
    New Flash Fiction: Straight Answer | Anna Bayes at |

    […] A new piece of flash fiction was accepted at the ever-generous Guy Hogan‘s Pittsburgh Flash Fiction Gazette. This is a special piece, something that emerged from my new mindset and an entirely different feeling towards casual sexual encounters. Having a healthy relationship that reflects the strength and dignity that I feel from the inside-out is a definite game-changer. I enjoyed writing this immensely. Hope you’ll enjoy reading it too: Straight Answer.  […]

  2. gazhack
    gazhack at |

    Love the line “I am mildly wet” and how its used within the structure of the story. Great little piece about one night stands and its mix of addictive confirmation that I am still attractive and the self-loathing. Likewise happily in a much healthier monogamous relationship these days.

  3. Trevor Alan & Tracy L'amoure
    Trevor Alan & Tracy L'amoure at |

    Very good Anna. There’s nothing strange about mixing a moral in an erotic environment. We peddle sex but not to discriminate against life partners. I hope we help keep their love alive, give them ideas to play around with, or provide a part of their foreplay.


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