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    So, I began with the skull. I have taken your hand, lead you to to Sumer; to the Royal Tombs of Ur, and bought you a drink. You have watched me drink my drink, place the glass back to the table; where it rested, for a while, before I drank from it again.
    Yet, you seem confused by the mention of Japan. There is no remedy, I just wanted to show off my new watch. It talks, in Japanese. A language which I don’t understand, yet, if you listened to me for long enough, you may believe I had travelled there once, perhaps sometime in my youth.

  2. pittsburghflashfictiongazette
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    “So, I began with the skull…” This begins a journey beyond space and time. It breaks the rules of prose and seeks to become poetry. An imaginative piece of non-linear writing. Something I’m no good at.


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