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Point Of No Return

They had been watching porn videos together since they first dated. Porn videos got them into bed in the first place, porn and alcohol. This night they watched another porn while drinking alcohol. Then they went up stairs to go to bed for the night.

She was on her back and he had straddled her chest, keeping his weight on his knees. She was looking up at him, giving him head for a good while.

She pulled him out of her mouth and said, “Are you almost there?”

“Close, real close. Baby, don’t stop.”

She began jacking him off. “Cum on my face.”


“Cum on my face.”

“Cum on your face?”


“I don’t want to cum on your face.”

“Cum on my face. Cum on my face. Cum on my face.” She seemed desperate. “I want you to cum on my face.”

“You better close your eyes.”

He had the awful feeling they were going somewhere he did not want to go.

The End


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Mr. Skin


rp_350px-Cathedral_of_Learning-TJG.jpgFriday Night

She was in bed naked with her boyfriend in her dormitory room on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh on a Friday night.  She turned her back to him.

She said, “I can’t believe I just did that.  I can’t believe I just sucked you off.”

“Andrea, lots of girls do it.”

“I’m not lots of girls”

“Turn around.”

“Why?” she said.

“Just turn around.”

She turned toward him.  He started kissing her mouth, then her shoulders and then her breasts.  When he started kissing down her stomach and kept going lower for the first time since they had been dating, she opened her legs wide.

The End

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Celeste-Sablich-Topless-Living-Room-Photoshoot-01-675x900She Had Large Firm Breasts

B.J. Kent asked Judy Lamar to join him after class for a couple of beers, his treat. Judy said sure. It would be the fourth time in two weeks that Judy had said yes to joining B.J. for a few beers. B.J. was sure Judy liked him. He sure liked Judy. Judy had large, firm breasts and wore low-cut tops.

The two left their classroom in the Cathedral of Learning of the University of Pittsburgh and headed for a bar. Only a few customers were in the bar when B.J. and Judy walked in. He and she sat at the bar. Usher was jamming on the jukebox. After their second pitcher of beer B.J. said to Judy, “Another pitcher?”

“One more,” she said. “The next time we’re here it’s on me.”


The other customers left. The bartender brought their pitcher of beer and said, “I got to run downstairs for a while. If anyone comes in tell them I’ll be right up.”

B.J. looked in the mirror behind the bar. Judy was talking about a particular professor who always stared at her chest when he addressed her. B.J. wondered what would happen if he placed a hand on one of her breasts. As she talked, her face turned toward him, he kept his eyes on her face. Then B.J. started sweating. He knew what he was going to do.

Judy stopped talking to drink some beer. B.J. stood up and stood behind her. He placed his hands on her shoulders. She put down her glass and smiled into the mirror behind the bar at him. B.J. thought, she probably thinks I’m going to do something romantic like give her a back massage. Using every ounce of courage he had, B.J. slid his hands down inside her top and inside her bra. He cupped both breasts in his hands. In the mirror, her expression was one of complete surprise. She froze. He began massaging her breasts.  The nipples of her breasts got harder. Her body swayed with his massaging.

“B.J.!” she said.

He yanked his hands out of her top. The bartender opened the door from the basement and walked behind the bar lugging two cases of beer. Judy swiveled on her stool and faced B.J.

She said in a low intense voice, “This is not the right place.”

The End

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rp_350px-Cathedral_of_Learning-TJG.jpgAdult Conversation

My name is Josh Miller. Gina Davis is my friend. Not the actress. Gina my friend is no actress. We’re in our thirties and have been friends since childhood.

I sat with my friend in a bar, Hemingway’s, a few blocks from the Cathedral of Learning of the University of Pittsburgh. The lunch crowd had cleared out and the late afternoon crowd had not arrived yet so she and I pretty much had the place to ourselves. We had just gotten our third pitcher of beer. The Pirates were on two of the four big screen TVs and a sports-news broadcast was on the other two. My friend and I sat at a table for two against the wall under all the framed snap shots of former customers. Gina and I were waiting for our barbecue wings and blue cheese dressing.

Gina said, “What’s with all you guys about giving head? Every guy I’ve ever gone out with, the first thing he wanted to do was to stick it in my mouth. These days the first thing a man wants a woman to do is suck him off.”

“Do you give head?”

“Sure I give head. Lots of women don’t but lots of women do. And to tell you the truth I like giving head. But there’s more to sex then giving head.”

“Do you swallow?”

“If I’m going to do all that work getting him and myself all hot and bothered you bet I’m going to swallow.”

Our wings came. We ate our wings and finished our beer, paid, left a tip and walked outside into the late afternoon warm sunshine.

I said, “Why haven’t you ever given me head?”

“Josh, dear, I wouldn’t want to ruin a beautiful friendship. Bye bye.”

“Bye, Gina.”

The End

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Mr. Skin

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  1. Wilber Vaile
    Wilber Vaile at |

    What’s Up! Just wanted to chime in. I thoroughly liked this article. Keep up the great effort.

    1. pittsburghflashfictiongazette
      pittsburghflashfictiongazette at |

      Wilber, glad to have you aboard.

  2. kittycordo
    kittycordo at |

    I love ‘Friday Night’ So much there in so few words! Hot stuff. I love the way you let the reader’s imagination to do some of the work!

    1. pittsburghflashfictiongazette
      pittsburghflashfictiongazette at |

      kittycordo, I figure men and women have a pretty good idea about what goes on in the bedroom, in this case a dorm room. So there is no need to explain everything. I just provide the dots and the reader connects the dots. That way the reader is part of the creative process which can be pretty exciting for the reader. The reader becomes the invisible filmmaker in the room filmming the action. Or better still, the reader becomes one of the actors. Yes, that is hot. Thank you. PS. In my stories the relationship is just as important as the sex.

  3. augustmacgregor
    augustmacgregor at |

    I really like your stories. You don’t just go and describe some hot sex, but you talk about sex in a different angle. You explained it really well in your comments, that you let the reader connect the dots. That’s really cool. You let us readers use our imaginations. I think so many other stories just lay it out for you, so there’s no using imagination. Great writing, man.

  4. debbiegblog
    debbiegblog at |

    Short erotic and to the point, just enough to get the party started. I liked them all

  5. pen name Chris Dean
    pen name Chris Dean at |

    I was peeking in to see if you published my story, Pelican Peak, and I didn’t find it. I read Adult Conversation and wondered again if I’m the only guy on Earth who would much rather cuddle and kiss and coitus than get head. Even good head.


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