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  1. Betty
    Betty at |

    Hmmm, you really do have that beer drinking thing going on and it seems to work for you. I’m reading through your articles and fiction…we have a lot in common. Military, band, father was a wife beater, long time college student, if you tell me you’re a jack Mormon, lived on an Indian reservation and have
    Appalachian ancestry I just might decide we’re kin folk.

    1. pittsburghflashfictiongazette
      pittsburghflashfictiongazette at |

      Betty, I would love it if we were kin folk. Since I really do drink a lot of beer in real life, I decided to make it a device in my fiction. My characters drink to remember, to forget and to help kill the pain of life. Just like real people in real life. A writer must write about what he or she knows.


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